B and G Towing
24/7 Emergency Service: Serving the Greater Toronto Area
Towing: (905) 436-5065 | Truck Repair (905) 435-1166
B and G Truck Repair
24/7 Emergency Service: Serving the Greater Toronto Area
Towing: (905) 436-5065 | Truck Repair (905) 435-1166
Flat Bed Towing
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B&G Towing

1. Do you have 24 hour service?
Yes, call 905-435-1166 for 24/7 service, 365 days/year

2. Do you tow RV’s?
Yes, B&G can tow smaller C Class RV’s, full sizes A Class RV’s, as well as your travel trailer and or 5th wheel trailer

3. Do you move Storage Containers?
Yes, B&G has a 53 foot Landoll float and can move 48 to 53 foot containers

4. Do you do accident recovery?
Yes, B&G has a full emergency support vehicle, fuel recovery system, and clean up equipment, including bobcat, sweeper and load transfer equipment.

5. Do you do unlocks?
Yes, on light, medium and heavy duty vehicles.

6. Do you tow specialty vehicles?
Yes, B&G has a full range of flatbeds that can move specialty vehicles.

7. Do you move equipment?
Yes, B&G has a 53 foot Landoll float and can move forklifts, manlifts, construction equipment, farm machinery, etc.

8. Do you work with CAA?
Yes, B&G is a contracted vendor with CAA.

9. Are your towers certified?
Yes, all of our towers have some level of WreckMaster training and go through regular in-house safety meetings and training to ensure we meet the highest safety standards for both our customers and employees. In addition to certification and training, all of our towers are employees and are fully WSIB and liability insurance covered.

B&G Service & RV Repairs

1. Are you MTO licensed?
Yes, B&G is a fully licensed Motor Vehicle Inspection Station and authorized to perform Safety Inspections on vehicles over 4501 KG.

2. Do you perform Drive Clean Emission Testing?
No, not at this time, however, B&G can send your vehicle out for you or have a mobile drive clean test performed on site on your behalf from one of our trusted vendors.

3. Do you do welding?
Yes, B&G has welding in our full service shop and mobile welders on our service trucks for minor running repairs.

4. Do you have parts for mobile service trucks?
Yes, B&G stocks a full range of regularly used parts, such as lights, brake chambers, starters, alternators, mudflaps, airbrake fittings, etc. Dealer specific parts available during dealer service hours.

5. Do you work on propane systems for RVs?
We are not licensed propane technicians and therefore cannot test or certify propane systems.

6. Do you have an RV dumping station?
No, however, there is a municipality station within 5 minutes of our location.

7. Do you have to have an appointment?
B&G prefers appointments so we can accommodate customers in a timely fashion, however, if time permits, we will try to fit you in.

8. Do you sell RV parts?
B&G does not stock parts, however, we can order most parts for next day delivery for install at the shop and/or drop ship them to you if you are installing yourself.

9. Do you do mobile calls for RVs?
Yes, we do emergency mobile calls for breakdowns, and we can also come to your RV site if needed.

10. Do you have RV storage?
Yes, B&G has limited RV spaces and is dependent on availability.

11. Are you insured?
Yes, all of our employees are covered by WSIB insurance and we are fully covered for liability insurance.

12. Do you use an answering service for after-hours calls?
No, phones are live answered 24/7 so we can address customer breakdowns immediately and get you the help you need.

13. Do you winterize RVs?
Yes, B&G can winterize and de-winterize your RV and give it a complete check over before your first trip of the season and/or before long trips.

General Questions

1. What other services does B&G provide?
In addition to our Truck Repair, RV Repair and Towing, B&G also has a small fleet of transport trucks and specialize in assisting our customers in all of their repair, transportation and towing requirements.

2. What sets B&G apart from other companies?
Our commitment to the highest level of customer service at fair and reasonable rates. B&G specializes in the “out of the ordinary” and our staff and management team go above and beyond to get the job done.

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